In our Outsourcing service we supply you with highly competitive human talent, developing a technical and professional personnel selection process, which consists of carrying out a series of activities from the search for your candidates to their evaluation so that they fit the profile you you need.

We create a folder with the complete documentation of each employee, including criminal and medical records, certifications, among other important documents that allow proper administration and management of personnel.
Likewise, We have selection processes guaranteeing the correct management of the social security system, training candidates to take all the courses required by law. Our comprehensive policy is really our direction because it focuses on standardizing safe and quality processes, preventing illegal activities, occupational diseases and accidents, property damage, and socio-environmental impacts that may affect our value chain. In all our contracts we train employees in accordance with current Canadian regulations with the following courses:

• Health and safety awareness for workers
• WHMIS 2015

Our Workflow

Company Request

Candidate Search

Contact the Candidate

Candidate preselection

Interview Candidate

Presentation of candidates

Hire Employees

Train Employees

Staff Admin

Transport Service