Transport Service

We know how important it is for your company that all your employees arrive on time to start their workday and have an optimal ground transportation service. That is why we have different transportation plans designed to suit the needs of each company.

For us it is of the utmost importance to always provide a quality service, where our clients find a serious and responsible company that oversees the logistics and transportation of their personnel, fast, efficient, and always safe.

This is our transport service:

Qualified Personnel


We provide door-to-door service (Home-Work).
We take care of the companions, because we all want to reach the destination.
In case of emergencies, the buses are equipped with first aid kit, fire extinguisher and road equipment.
We do continuous maintenance to our transport vehicles.
The integrity of our passengers is the most important thing in carrying out the service.
The drivers comply with the training and legal requirements for the provision of the service.
The vehicles have a documentary control to keep their documents up to date.
We respect and abide by the information on traffic signals, it is the best way to avoid having accidents.
We are respectful of others on the road, as we all make mistakes.
We wear seat belts to save lives.